Collaborative playlists made with fellow Instagram users through a

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Grocery Store Grooving

During quarantine many people were either unable to shop at the grocery store or were encouraged to go much less frequently. This playlist is a chance to listen to all your favorite grocery store jams safety and securely from your own home. Imagine yourself grooving in the aisles, absentmindedly singing along. Subtly sway to beat as you enjoy the earworms that have been finding their way in for decades.

First Loves

Not necessarily your favorite song, maybe it doesn't hold up, and very unlikely there was only one but here are the songs where you first recognized "oh wow I love music." A particularly fun playlist that includes a few albums in their entirety. Listen and get nostalgic--There's nothing like your first love! 

Jeanines, album art and video, released by Slumberland Records

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